About us

The guesthouse «Los Sonidos de las Olas» is located in a quiet and cozy nook on the ocean in the small fishing village of Santa Marianita, 15 kilometers from Manta. House name in Spanish means «Sounds of the Waves» and it is fully justified. The only sounds that accompany your sleep - it's the sound of ocean waves. The house is located directly on the wide sandy beach that looks practically private.

Little, but cozy apartments of the guesthouse «Los Sonidos de las Olas» specially designed to make you feel during your vacation as if you stay in your own home on the beach. In the courtyard there is a small garden with a natural green lawn and a swimming pool with three water levels, including a level for small children. Throughout the house and in every apartment there is WiFi - high speed internet, connected to the optical cable. Guests have access to a washing machine. The house is perfect for a quiet family holiday with children. Also, guests have the opportunity to take a journey with their pets. The place where the house is located is quiet and not crowded. Here you can fully enjoy nature, silence and other delights of a country holiday. Nevertheless, there do not have to feel uncomfortable by the remoteness of civilization. The airport is 25 kilometers, the nearest shopping center in 15.

That's why we are here

Santa Marianita place is perfect for a relaxing or active holiday on the shores of the ocean. Nature lovers can watch from the balcony of his apartment in the immediate vicinity, as dive for their prey to many sea birds - pelicans, frigate birds, blue booby, and others. From mid-June to mid-November you can watch whales merrymaking, they jump out of the water at a distance of 2 kilometres to 500 m meters from the shore.

Band of sandy beach stretches for 5 kilometres, where you can see marked and fenced employees of the Ministry of Nature Ecuador nesting sea turtles. With patience and some luck, have a chance to see how the hatch and run to the sea turtles are small.

For outdoor enthusiasts will be at the disposal of reef spot with waves for surfing, and from May to December, a good wind for kite and windsurfing. It is also possible to go diving, underwater hunting and fishing for marlin, tuna, sharks and other large fish.

Outdoor activities here and around

Santa Marianita is the centre of kitesurfing in Ecuador. Here are three kite school, where you can take courses to learn kiteboarding and the sport and recreation on the water.

Four kilometres to the north, in the town of San Mateo has a surf school. Within an hour's drive north to 50 kilometres and is the town Crucita, place for paragliding, paragliding school where there are, as well as flight services are provided to all comers in tandem with the pilot. In a two-hour drive south of 130-kilometers is the town of Montanita - historical place of worship for surfers. Here, in addition to good waves during the day very cheerful atmosphere nightlife. In the town of many discos, bars, restaurants and so on. In the evening, the streets of performing artists and acrobats, there are several venues with live rock music.